shift fork

Billet aluminum replacement shift fork for first and second gears in All Wheel Drive Mitsubishi/DSM W5M33 transmissions.   DOES NOT FIT FRONT WHEEL DRIVE.  Replaces Mitsubishi P/N MD723439.   Stock shift forks are cast aluminum and can break leaving pieces to float around the inside of the transmission.  It is very common for these pieces to jam up the final drive gears and break the cases, ending in an oil leak and/or locked up tires.  The White Shed Speed billet aluminum replacement is MUCH stronger and more ductile, it will not break under extreme use.  These forks are also clearanced for the larger diameter second gear of the early evos and the aftermarket PPG dog engagement gearset.

Fits 1G/2G DSM, GVR4, and  EVO123.  Sale includes 1 shift fork.  Drop in replacement, but experienced transmission mechanic recommended to do the work.

$200 includes USA shipping.   International purchases will incur extra charges.