Kirky racing seat installed into automobile chassis with braket kit
Kirky racing seat installed into automobile chassis with braket kit

The 1G DSM Kirkey seat mount brackets are intended to be an “almost” bolt in solution for mounting light weight race seats in your first generation DSM race car. These mounts are intended for racing use only with “Kirkey Series 55 Seats”. Due to the shape of the 1G DSM floor pan it is recommended that you use these with 17” or narrower seats. Wider seats may require slight massaging of the floor pan or offsetting the seat for driveshaft tunnel clearance. The brackets mount a 17” seat just about a low as possible without massaging the floor or offsetting the seat outward. They have 9 fore/aft mounting positions over a 6” range to accommodate a range of driver heights. The installation of this kit will require the user to fabricate/install a back brace as illustrated in the Kirkey installation manual, since this typically attaches to a roll-bar with infinite possibilities we have omitted this part.
The rails are finished in a semi-gloss black epoxy primer that can be left as a top-coat if desired. They can also be painted by following typical painting procedures if desired. We recommend sanding with a “red scotch-brite pad” and cleaning with a water born wax and grease remover to prep.

Installation requires basic hand tools along with a drill and drill bits.  This will require you to transfer the mounting hold locations and drill them in the bottom of your supplied kirkey seat.