Metal bushings and heim joints
Metal bushing and heim joint installed in metal fabricated trailing arm
White Shed Speed 1G DSM Automatic Toe eliminator kits now in stock, no waiting! Improved design, for less weight than previously available. We spent the extra machine time for a lighter part, edges are chamfered, corners have a generous radius. Heim spacers are 7075 aluminum for reduced weight over steel, and better wear resistance than cheaper 6061, or plain steel.

These replace the flexible rubber "knee-joint" in the rear trailing arm on an AWD 1G DSM. Originally Mitsubishi designed this joint as a safety feature to improve handling. Under power this increases rear toe-in which theoretically stabilizes the rears tracking. In a stock car this works great however they are now 30+ years old and the bushings are worn out. Couple that with the crazy power we now make, and the increased grip from big tires, and they don't work so well. Anymore. Accelerated tire wear, unpredictable handling, and wheel hop are all symptoms. Replacing these with a solid joint greatly increases predictability, traction, and grip. Greatly improving the character of the car. Couple these with a set of our solid subframe bushings (rears coming soon) for the ultimate suspension rebuild.

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