Our Story

From our very humble beginnings in a small storage shed, White Shed Speed has constantly sought to find no compromise engineered solutions to motorsports problems.  Not only do we enjoy working in motorsports, we live and breathe motorsports.  While we specialize in DSM performance, there are very few platforms we are not at home working on.

Engineering Talent

Our President/Lead engineer is currently nearing completion of a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering researching Internal Combustion engines.  His research involves writing computer programs to simulate the performance of a novel engine cycle.    These simulations involve calculating the gas flows in and out of an engine, the temperature and pressure at a given crank angle, and the combustion characteristics.   This simulation code is also capable of calculating cylinder filling as a function of camshaft profile, intake and exhaust systems characteristics.   A program of this nature allows one to test a variety of intake manifolds, exhaust headers and camshaft profiles without ever cutting metal or turning a wrench.    While the bulk of his Ph.D. is strongly rooted in thermodynamics, he is also well educated in the areas of mechanics, such as machine design and materials science.